- What is RUBI?

The most trusted (and safe) way to transport your kids.

We provide safe rides for your kids while you are busy working, juggling family schedules or simply not able to be in three places at one time.

- So, an Uber/Lyft for kids? Why can’t Uber/Lyft drive our kids? What is the difference?

That is right! However, Uber and Lyft cannot drive children under the age of 18.

We thoroughly and extensively vet drivers to ensure your child is safe. For more information on RUBI’s vetting process, please click here.


- How do I know my child is safe?

Safety is our first priority. RUBI thoroughly screens and vets our drivers. We have partnered with Childcare Background Search, a prominent background investigation company, to clear every RUBI driver. Your driver not only has a clean background and driving record that is checked on a regular basis, but has completed extensive training as well. Our drivers using our RUBI Driver proprietary app with the built-in Google mapping technology for all thier GPS Navigation needs.


- How much does it cost?

$25 per one-way trip within a 5-mile radius, 2 dollars per additional mile. (RUBI pricing may vary according to traffic, distance, weather, and time traveled.)


- Can I meet a potential driver?

Yes, we can set up a RUBI Introduction between you and a member of our network. The meetings can be either in-person or via video conferencing services like Skype. In-person requests are done at RUBI Headquarters. All RUBI Introductions come with a $25 fee.


- What if the driver we prefer is not available?

If your trusted driver is not available, no worries! Being a part of the RUBI community allows you access to our entire network of safe and trusted drivers.

- How do I sign up or start an account?

Download our app to start an account and start requesting RUBI rides!

- What type of notifications will I receive to know my child is safe and has been picked up/dropped off at their destination?

Through the rubiRides app, you will have access to a live map plus outbound notifications based on the GPS of the driver. The live notifications will update you on the driver’s progress throughout the ride, including when the driver is enroute, when the driver has arrived, when the trip starts, and when the trip is completed.

- How do I upload our schedule to the app?

Once you download the app and create an account you will have access to our scheduling platform. All confirmed ride requests will sync to your Google calendar.

- Can I request a same-day ride?

Yes, you can, for an additional fee based on the specifics of your ride request. All same-day ride requests are not guaranteed, however.

- What are the hours for requesting rubiRides?

Monday - Friday 5am - 9pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am – 9pm

What happens if my child leaves something behind in the car?

Simply contact RUBI by phone at 800-916-RUBI (7824) or by email at contact@rubirides.com.
Please provide the ride confirmation number with your request. A recovery fee for an item lost is $15. If you would like the item to be delivered to your location, the delivery costs will reflect the mileage rate for the trip.



What happens if my child is late or does not show up?

After the maximum waiting time for a ride has elapsed, the ride is canceled and a cancellation fee is incurred. In the event this should happen, you may contact RUBI to inquire about ordering a same-day ride. Same-day rides cannot be guaranteed and are subject to driver availability.


What is a driver chaperone?

A driver chaperone is when the driver accompanies the child to and from the vehicle. A driver chaperone is not included in the fare and must be selected when creating your ride request. To request a chaperone, a $5 surcharge is added to the fare. Drivers will park their vehicles and follow parent-specified drop-off or pickup instructions needed to release their child from school or an activity. When requesting a chaperone, parents must provide detailed instructions for drivers to ensure no issues occur.

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